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One year of the Glücksspielstaatsvertrag 2021: Gemeinsame Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL) takes over first operational tasks

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Regulation of the cross-Länder gambling market to be further strengthened by pooling of competences

On 1 July 2022, the Gemeinsame Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL) will take over responsibility for combating illegal cross-state gambling on the internet and advertising for it. This means that, for the first time, the competences and corresponding enforcement instruments (e.g. IP Blocking and Payment Blocking) will be bundled across the Länder. In addition to the creation of a legal market, this is an essential building block for the successful regulation of the gambling market.

The authority founded in July 2021 on the basis of the Glücksspielstaatsvertrag 2021 is ready to take over these first operational tasks.

Ronald Benter, GGL Executive Board: "We are very confident that we will successfully push back the illegal gambling market. We have created the necessary structures and processes and can build on the expertise of the previously responsible authorities."

On 1 July 2022, part of the staff of the Saxony-Anhalt State Administration Office, which was previously responsible for combating illegal cross-state gambling offers on a transitional basis, will transfer to GGL. There, they will continue their enforcement tasks against illegal gambling offers together with the employees hired for this purpose in the GGL. This means that the authority now has sufficient personnel resources for this area. Board member Benjamin Schwanke: "We work closely with the State Administration Office and are very grateful that we can now take over well-rehearsed staff and their expertise."

In addition, we have succeeded in gaining an experienced expert in gambling law, known throughout Germany for her expertise, as head of the department for combating unauthorised gambling.

Nadja Wierzejewski, who has been the head of gambling supervision at the Supervisory and Service Directorate of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate (ADD) in Trier for many years, brings a lot of experience in the field of enforcement against illegal gambling offers and knows the modes of operation and interrelationships in the gambling industry.

One year after the establishment of the GGL on behalf of the 16 Laender, the prerequisites have thus been created to take the joint fight against illegal gambling to a new level. The GGL assumes the overarching responsibility for taking action against illegal offers on the internet, while the Laender remain responsible for terrestrial gambling.

Board member Benjamin Schwanke: "For the first time, enforcement instruments such as payment interdiction against illegal gambling offers on the internet are being used from one source. This enables us to take more effective action against providers. By bundling resources, undesirable developments and illegal gambling can be detected and counteracted more quickly in the future."

The employees recruited for this purpose use the experience of the previously responsible authorities and are, for example, currently being trained in a job shadowing phase at the Ministry of the Interior in Lower Saxony. "We thus have a powerful team to take action against illegal gambling on the internet and will also hire more experts in this area," Schwanke said.

By the beginning of 2023, the GGL will grow to about 110 employees. In the long term, the authority is to bundle the expertise on all issues related to online gambling in Germany. In total, half of the employees planned for this purpose have already been hired. The GGL is supported by the federal states both in the search and in the training of the new employees.

"We are particularly grateful to the state of Saxony-Anhalt for its support and advice in setting up the agency. We are experiencing constructive cooperation, which has helped us a great deal in many situations. Special thanks go to the State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior and Sport, Klaus Zimmermann, in his role as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the GGL" said Benter.

On 1 July 2022, the chairmanship of the administrative council of the GGL as a supervisory and control body will pass from Saxony-Anhalt to Schleswig-Holstein.

Detailed information on the concrete approach to combating illegal gambling and the use of the corresponding enforcement instruments such as IP Blocking and Payment Blocking from 1 July 2022 will be presented and questions answered at a press conference on 8 July.


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